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October 20, 2011

Re-allotment /Transfer/Positng in the JTS/STS

Rajesh Kumawat | 19:45 | | Best Blogger Tips

Re-allotment /Transfer/Positng in the JTS/STS officers of Indian Postal Services Group 'A' vide Directorate order No.4-8/2009-SPG dated 19-10-2011

Sl NO. Name of the officer Presently posted Posting on Transfer 
1 M. B. Gajabhye                    MH                   ADG(MO), Directorate 
2 O Vijaya Kumar                  MH                                  AP 
3 Jose Kollanoor                   MH                                  AP 
4 V Kanagarajan                  WB                                  TN 
5 Sanna Naik                       WB                                 KTK 
6 N Ramar                          WB                                 TN 
7 Rabi N Pradhan               WB                              Orissa 
8 V Ramasamy                   NE                                TN 
9 V S Patel                        MP                               Guj 


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