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June 13, 2011


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This effort is to guide the readers(India Government Employees). This indicate gist about rules in Fundamental Rules - Supplementary Rules Part I General Rules. 
Name of this Rules.
FR 3-->> 
These rules do not apply to ARMY/MARINE.
FR 5A-->> 
Power to relax requirements by these Rules (Ministry of Finance).
FR 6A-->> 
Power to delegate (Central Government)
Exceptions-->> FR6,
 FR9(6)(b), FR44, FR45A, FR45B, FR45C, FR83, FR108A, FR119, FR121, FR127C.
FR 7-->> 
Limitation of delegation (requirement of approval from Ministry of Finance.)
FR 8-->>
Power of interpretstion (President of india).
FR 9-->>
Definitions:- (1)Act; (1A)Administrator; (1B)Allotment; (4)Cadre; (5)Compensatory Allowance; (6)Duty; (7)Foreign Service; (9)Honorarium; (10)Joining Time; (12)Leave Salary; (13)Lien; (14)Local Fund; (16)Military Commissioned Officer and Military Officer; (17)Ministerial Servants; (18)Month; (19)Officiate; (20)Overseas Pay; (21)(a)Pay; (22) Permanent Post; (23)Personal Pay; (24)Presumptive Pay; (25)Special Pay; (27) Subsistence Grant; (28)Substantive Pay; (30) Temporary Post; (30A)Tenure Post; (31)(a)Time Scale Pay, (b)Identical Time Scale, (c)Same Time Scale.
FR 10-->>
Requirement of Medical Certificate for Appointment.
FR 11-->>
Limitation of a Central Government servant (...disposal of the Government...).
FR 12A-->>
Cessation of a lien.
FR 13-->>
Retention of lien.
FR 14A-->>
Absoluteness and limitation of a lien.
FR 14B-->>
Transfer of lien by the President of India. (connected Rule FR49).
FR 15-->>
Absoluteness of transfer of lien by the President of India. (connected rule FR49)
FR 16-->>
Subscription to a provident Fund.
FR 17-->>
Effect Pay and Allowances (date of effect of).
FR 17A-->>
Unauthorized absence. Without prejudice to Rule 27 of Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules 1972.
FR 18-->>
Limitation of granting leave (five years). Otherwise, President of India can grant leave.
FR 19-->>
Limitation of increase in PAY.
FR 20-->>
Pay on duty under FR 9(6)(b). Course of Instruction e.t.c.
FR 22-->>
Pay Fixation.
FR 22B-->>
Pay Fixation-Government servant who is appointed as probationers in another service.
FR 23-->>
Change of pay treated as transfer to a new post (provision of option e.t.c).
FR 24-->>
FR 26-->>
Services counted for drawing increment.
FR 27-->>
Premature Increment (provision for...).
FR 28-->>
Pay when transfer as a penalty.
FR 29-->>
Reduced as measure of penalty, fixation of pay thereof.
FR 29A-->
Withholding of Increment.
FR 31A-->>
Erroneous promotion/appointment.
FR 33-->>
When pay of a post is personal to another government servant.
FR 35-->>
Pay of an officiating government servant.
FR 36-->>
Acting promotion to a post under FR9(6)(b).
FR 37-->>
Personal Pay.
FR 39-->>
Pay of a Temporary Post.
FR 40-->>
Temporary post created and filled by a person who is already a government servant.
FR 44-->>
Compensatory Allowance.
FR 45-->>
Power to make rules for allotment of Residential accommodation.
FR 45A(II)-->>
Assessment of License Fee.
FR 45B-->>
Assessment of License Fee not covered under FR45A(II).
FR 45C-->>
For FR 45A and FR 45B - emoluments means.
FR 46-->>
Fee and Honorarium.
FR 46A-->>
Power of making rules with reference to service of a Medical Officer - payment of Fee.
FR 47-->>
Grant or acceptance of honorarium/fee outside the purview of FR 46A.
FR 48-->>
No permission required for accepting...
FR 48A-->>
Limitation of application to patent.
FR 48B-->>
Absoluteness of FR 48A.
FR 49-->>
Officiating Post.
FR 50-->>
Absoluteness of Deputation.
FR 51-->>
Pay during the period of deputation.
FR 51A-->>
Pay of a regularly constituted post or a quasi permanent post.
FR 52-->>
Pay for the period Dismissal/Removal.
FR 53-->>
Pay while on suspension.
FR 54-->>
Pay while reinstatement after Dismissal/Removal/Compulsory Retirement as a result of appeal or review.
FR 54B-->>
Pay while reinstatement after Dismissal/Removal/Compulsory Retirement as set aside by Court of Law.
FR 55-->>
Grant of leave on suspension.
FR 56-->>
Date of Retirement.
FR 58-104-->>
FRs 105-107-->>
CCS(Joining Time)Rules,1979.
FR 108-->>
Not joined after availing joining time.
FR 108A-->>
A person in employment other than Government service, appointed as a government servant, joining time regarding.
FR 109-->>
Foreign Service. To whom it may apply.
FR 110-->>
Limitation of Foreign Service.
FR 111-->>
Not admissible (transfer to Foreign Service.)
FR 112-->>
Transfer to Foreign Service while on leave.
FR 113-->>
Governance of cadre of a servant transfered to Foreign Service.
FR 114-->>
Governance of commencement of Foreign Service Pay.
FR 115-->>
Cost of his pension.
FR 116-->>
Absoluteness of the provision of Pension Cotribution while on Foreign Service.
FR 117-->>
Provision of Pension Contribution.
FR 119-->>
Remittance of Pension Contribution by the Central Government.
FR 120-->>
Limitation of Pension Contribution on Foreign Service.
FR 121-->>
Limitation of accepting a pension or gratuity from the foreign employer.
FR 122-->>
Limitation of availing leave while on Foreign Service.
FR 123-->>
Grant of leave while on Foreign Service.
FR 124-->>
A government servant on Foreign Service, appointed to officiate in a post in Government service. Pay regarding.
FR 125-->>
Revertion from Foreign Service.
FR 126-->>
Pay on revertion.
FR 127-->> Addition to a regular establishment.


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