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October 22, 2011


Rajesh Kumawat | 14:05 | | Best Blogger Tips

Everybody in the Department should must know : What is Post Forum? How Post Forum Functions? Who is a Facilitator? Roles of Facilitator, Process Teams, Decision Taking Team.

What is Post Forum?

• A
system to foster better relationship with clients and to create a ready responsiveness to public needs. The Post Forum was introduced on 10.09.90. Post Forum is a representative body of users of a post office to advise the post office on matters of its service in public interest conceived in the widest sense. It shall consist of not more than 7 (seven) Members. They shall be users of the Post Offices. It will meet once every three months. However, in the initial phase, it would be appropriate to conduct meeting once in two months and after initial three to four meetings, the periodicity of meeting may be once in three months. To keep the focus on the relevant issues, it is most important that the Post Forum shall discuss the issues relating to the Post Office for which it was formed.
• It is a body set up by the Divisional Head in a Post Office consisting of Postmaster, Customer groups and post office supervisors.
• The Postmaster is the head of the Post Forum.
• It is a platform for both Post Office and customers to know each other closely.
• It is a forum to know customer needs.
• It is a Forum to tell our .expectation from the customers.
• It is a platform to tell about ourselves to customers.
• It is a collective effort to identify the problems.
• It is a collective platform to recommend changes.
• It is a forum to bring people closer to the post offices.
• It is a change agent to bring improvement in the Services and work culture.
• It builds bond of cooperation and mutual respect.

How Post Forum Functions?

Through Facilitator,  Process and Decision taking Teams.

Who is a Facilitator?

• An employee working in Post Office and identified by Postmaster to implement the Charter is named as Facilitator.

Roles of Facilitator:

• To understand the theme of Citizen Charter.
• To assist Postmaster in organizing and running of Post Forum
• To train and educate other staff in the Post Office.
• To analyze performance with standards.
• To publish results of performance compare to set standards.
• To oversee implementation of Citizen Charter.
• To maintain proper records of proceedings of the Post Forum and action taken to act upon the recommendation.

Process Teams:

• To assist Postmaster and Process Team Leader in evoking proforma for monitoring performance against the fixed standards.
• Teams constituted for branches of Post Offices
• Deputy Postmaster/Assistant Postmaster/Supervisor is head and all employees in branch are Members.
• Discuss the problems and suggest corrective actions, record the proceedings.
• Evolve monitory performance to measure the performance against the set standards.
• Implement those suggestions where no outside assistance is required.
• Meet once in 15 days and review progress.
• Records to be kept of issues deliberated upon.

Decision Taking Team:

• Postmaster as head and all Deputy Postmaster /Asst. Postmaster/Supervisors of Post Office as member of this team.
• The supervisors will bring only those points where Postmaster’s assistance required.
• Postmaster to discuss and take decision. Minutes to be prepared.
• Prescribing measurement tools and formats.
• Measuring the performance with set standards.
• Meet once in a month for discussing new issues and Monitoring progress of earlier decisions.
• Disseminate information on new schemes and initiatives of Department to all Members.
• Attend Post Forum meetings.


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