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September 29, 2011

Induction Training to PA LGO Candidates

Rajesh Kumawat | 21:24 | | Best Blogger Tips

lt has been ordered vide Postal Directorate vide letter No 60/1,1,/2011-SPB-l dated 16.9.20II that the PA/SA LGO candidates selected through departmental examination will be imparted a brief in-house training of two weeks, pending regular lnstitutional Induction Training at Postal Training Centres. lt has been further stated that the two week's training shall be finalized by the Heads of the Circles in consultation with the Training Division.

2. In respect of direct recruit PAs/SAs, para (5) of Postal Directorate letter No 60-9/2010-SPB-|dated 10.11.2010 had stated that "pending their training, the Circles may issue their posting orders and commence their in-house training by chalking out the course as far as possible based on the PTC syllabus depending on the resources available with them", Accordingly, direct recruit PAs/SAs were imparted in-house training at Circle level before they were deputed to PTCs. lt is, therefore, requested that the PA/SA LGO candidates selected through departmental examination may also be imparted in-house training of two weeks similar to the one done in respect of direct recruit PAs/SAs.


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