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December 12, 2011

M.P. Circle Conference at Gwalior on 22-01-2012 : Notification issued

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HOSHANGABAD, Dated: 09.12.2011


                                              Under the provisions of Constitution of All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts, it is here by notified that 36th Biennial Circle Conference of the Association will be held at Gwalior on 22.01.2012.

  The following items of Agenda  are fixed for discussion in the said conference:-

1.       Confirmation of the minutes of 35th the Biennial Circle Conference of the Association held  at  Hoshangabad on 2nd and 3 rd October 2009.
2.       Approval of the Biennial Report of the Circle Association for the period from 04.10.2009 to 20.01.2011.
3.        Approval of audited accounts of the cicle Association for the period from 04.10.2009 to 20.01.2011.
4.       Subject matters for debate/discussion and decision thereon.
                            i.            Up-gradation of Grade pay of Inspector Posts from Rs.4200/- to Rs.4600/- w.e.f. 01.01.2006
                           ii.            Restructuring of Inspector, Posts Cadre and second CRC.
                         iii.            CAT, Ernakulum Judgment dated 19.10.2011 in O.A. No.381/2010.
                         iv.            Ad hock promotion in PS Group ‘B’ Cadre in MP Circle.
                          v.             PSS Group ‘B’ and Sr. Postmaster examination.
                         vi.             Provision of infrastructure to Sub Division.
                       vii.            Re-organization of Sub Divisions.
                      viii.             MACP scheme.
                         ix.            Decentralization of PLI/RPLI work to Divisions.
                          x.             Delay in payment of PLI Incentive to all FO/DO
                         xi.            DPC for promotion to ASP Cadre in MP Circle.
                       xii.            Decision for venue of Next All India Conference /CWC Meeting.
                      xiii.            Any other item with the permission of the Chair person.
5.       Organization review.
6.       Financial review.
7.       Merger of Postal Officers Association, India into our Association so that there should be single Association to represent IP/ASP and PS Group ‘B’/Sr.PM cadre before the Department.
8.       Postal Inspector/MP Circle Blog.
9.        Approval for Draft Resolutions
10.    Amendment to Constitution,   if any.
                                          All the Circle Office Bearers and Members are requested to attend the Circle Conference.

                                                                                                             (R.P. Jaiswal)
                                                                                                           Circle Secretary
Copy to :
1.        The Chief Postmasters General, M.P. Circle, Bhopal-462012. He is requested to  issue   necessary instructions for  Special C.L. for the Members on dated 20.01.12 To 23.01.12 & for deputing one observer for 22 nd January 2012 during the election of the office Bearers
2.       The Post master General, Indore Region, Indore-452001.
3.       Shri Roopchand Ji , General Secretary, CHQ, Qtr No.12, Khursheed square,P&T Colony ,Civil   Line, New Delhi-110045
4.       Shri D.K. Singhal ,President , AIA,ASP/IP M.P. Circle ,& ASP(HQ)Ratlam Division, Ratlam.
5.       All Circle Office Bearers.


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