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July 20, 2011

letter to CPMG on PLI award

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Shri S.Gauriar
The Chief Postmaster General
M.P. Circle, Bhopal

No. AIAIPASP/2010-2011/Hoshangabad Dtd 17.07.2011

Subject: -  Request for including the name of all IPs/ASPos who procured more than  02crore effective PLI business in Awards Ceremony for awarding Silver Certificates and Cash Awards to the Staff for procuring highest PLI business during the Year 2010-11.

Respected Sir,
                             With due most respect it has come to my notice that the award ceremony for awarding Silver certificates and cash awards to the staff for procuring highest PLI business during the year 2010-2011 scheduled to be  held at Bhopal on Wednesday 20-07-2011 vide your letter No. LIP/2-19/Awards/2010-11 Dated 15th July 2011. I would like to bring your kind attention on the list of awardees prepared for this purpose. The following facts need to be considered before award ceremony.
1.      Awards are distributed in the two regions (i.e. HQ and Indore) Gwalior Region needs to be included.
2.      In this list only three IPs/ASPs are nominated for awards from HQ region / Indore in this context please refer the Director of Postal Life Insurance New Delhi  order No35-15/78-LI(Vol V) dated 15-12-2006. In which it is quite clear that the all IP/ASPs who procured more than 02 crore PLI Business they can awarded with cash prize of Rs 2000/- as well as silver certificate by Circle Head. (copy enclosed for ready reference Annexure I )
3.      Association is unable to understand that what the circumstances are compelling not to follow the assurance given by our Hon’ble shri Brijesh Kumar Director postal Services HQ region Bhopal vide his DO letter no LIP/2-18/Tgt/2010-2011 Dated 2-12-2010 addressed to each sub divisional head of the circle. ( copy enclosed for ready reference Annexure II )
4.      The Scheduled   Awards Ceremony is violating the DG’s instruction and DPS Bhopal Assurance seems to be a conspiracy against the development of the Department and IPs/ASPos by discouraging them to retain the monopoly of D.Os .In this Context I would also like to bring your kind notice that the Cash award for 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 is not distributed until today for IPs/ASPs but  D.Os were  awarded by cash prize on the same day on 15.10.10.
5.      The scheduled Awards Ceremony is hurted to those IPs/ASPs who procured more than 02crore effective PLI business by taking extra efforts with performing all duties and responsibilities assigned to them. It is more surprising IPs/ASPs who have procured more than 3.174 crore business not find the place in the awardees for which how they can held responsible.
6.      If all IP/ASPs who procured more than  02crore effective PLI business are included in the list of awardees the cost of the ceremony does not increase as un affordable to the circle but this inclusion can give the multiple increase in the business and awards boost the energy amongst the all IPs/ASPs for better performance in future.
It is humble requested that in accordance with DG’s instruction and DPS Bhopal assurance kindly include the names of all IPs/ASPs who procured more than  02 crore effective PLI business before scheduled ceremony.  
Kindly take the matter seriously and necessary action may be taken in this regards
Thanking You
Encls :- 02 as above

                                                                                                            Yours Sincerely 

                                                                                            (R.P. Jaiswal)
          Circle Secretary
     AIAIPASP,  MPCircle ,
ASP ,Sub dn Hoshangabad                                 461001

Copy to:- shri D.K. Singhal , President ,AIAIPASP,ASP (HQ) Ratlam Dn. Ratlam    


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