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December 2, 2010

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Revision of Fixed Monetary Compensation (FMC) to Delivery Staff & remuneration to Other Staff

File No. 10-7/2001-P.E.II
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(Establishment Division)
Dak Bhawan Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110001
Dated the 24-11-2010

            Chief Postmaster General
            Postmaster General
            General Managers (Finance)
            Director of Accounts Postal

Subject: - Revision of Fixed Monetary Compensation (FMC) to delivery staff and                        remuneration to other staff


            I am directed to refer to Directorate letters of even number dated 4-9-2002 and 28.1.2003 on the above subject.

2. The Department has received a number of references from the staff Associations requesting for upward revision of Fixed Monetary Compensation (FMC) admissible to Postmen staff. A Committee of Senior Officers was constituted for looking into the issue and the report of the Committee has been examined carefully in consultation with integrated Finance wing and the Competent Authority has ordered enhancement of the Fixed Monetary Compensation (FMC) admissible to Postmen staff. The details are as under:

Sl. No.
Existing Rate
Revised Rate
When One Postman performs duty of an absentee Postman by combination of duties
Rs.29 per day
Rs.50 per day
When two Postmen perform duty of an absentee Postman by sharing the beat
Rs.14 per day
Rs.24 per day

3. The competent Authority has also ordered fixation/revision of Holiday Monetary Compensation payable to Postmen Staff and other Departmental staff brought on duty on 2nd consecutive Holiday if three consecutive holidays occur as shown under:

Sl. No.
Category of Departmental Employees
Rate of Remuneration
Rs.85 per holiday for 4 hours
Postal Assistant
Rs.85 per holiday for 4 hours
Postmen/Sorting Postmen
Rs.85 per holiday
Multi tasking staff
Rs.60 per holiday for 4 hours

4. All other conditions for payment of Fixed Monetary compensation (FMC) issued vide OM No.10-23/87-PE.I dt. 21.12.93 and delivery of Unregistered letters on holidays issued under 9-25/92-CI dt. 10.9.92 will remain unchanged.

5. The Expenditure on account of revision has to be met from the allocated funds of the units under the prescribed Head of account.

6. These orders will take effect from the date of issue.

7. This issues in concurrence with the Integrated Finance Wing vide their diary number 286/FA/10/CS dated 24.11.2010.
(K. Rameswara Rao)
Asst. Director General (Estt)


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